Its been beautiful weather at the lake. Not too hot and not to cold as the rest of the country has been baking

It feels like we have been in puppy fest. Ben and Ali brought their new corgi to the resort to meet Oggie. It was 2 days of puppy wrestling

Lots of dog pics, yep cause that is what we have been doing lots of puppy time

Not to leave the big guy out, Mack has been very tolerant of the pups

Beware of leaving your shoes outside the door. There is a thief that will steal them off your stoop. I caught him this time

He knew he was in trouble

But really how can you yell at the little guy

We had a few fun trips away from the resort. Ben and Ali gave us tickets to the Charlie Berens show at the Langlade Fair. I post his comedy on the resort Facebook page once in awhile. He is the best Wisconsin comic. If you get a chance to see him in person or online he is great. I learned at 50 years old that the word Unthaw is not real. I always took things out of my freezer to unthaw on the counter. Charlie loves Wisconsin and is so much fun to listen to as he points out things that make Wisconsin unique

Thanks for the laughs, Charlie

We took some time with all our kids to go to the newest bar in town Forestry Tap and Axe. It is an axe throwing bar. Great drinks and fun trying to hit the targets. Forestry is on Hwy 70 west just past Walmart on the left.

I did it the target once in awhile. Don’t tell Troy but he definitely was better at it than I. Lots of practice in the woodshed

With our 20 something kids it was a fun hour of axe throwing

Back at the resort it was Howard Berchtold’s 91st birthday. They had most of the family at the resort this year.

In the woods it is raspberry picking time. We got 4, 1/2 filled pail full. Blueberry picking in Merrill is next

In the meantime if you are looking for us, check out the driveway. Lots of walking and Cherrios handed out to both dogs whenever Oggie does what he should outside

Hide all shoes!

Currently our first openings start Sept 5th. We have openings posted up to June 17th next summer. Starting June 17th we are booked out through July. I will add more weeks in as they go through. I do not expect any 2023 openings until the 3rd week or so of August for 2023. Keep an eye on our Facebook page I announce any openings there and on our availability chart on the website