I love watching families enjoy quiet time at the dock, especially in the morning. There is nothing like quiet time at the lake in the morning

We had a lot of changes the last week. The big dig for electric lines for our electric car charging stations went in. We are installing 2 level 2 charging stations for guests

Lines got all buried. Now we are waiting on an Amazon delivery of our charging stations. They cost 700 each to be delivered

Our next delivery was our new Sauna. Straight from the UP of Michigan, a Finnish barrel sauna. Our old sauna is being shut down and turned into an expansion of our gift/sock shop this early winter

Jake and Steve had prepared the landing spot earlier in the week

Backing it in place.

The Sauna Guys are proud of their work. They are a small company who know how to build the best

They are a year out on orders right now

We can’t wait to try it out. Steve has to get the electric lines run to it before we can fire it up

There is a small changing room and it is supposed to sit 8 people but we think more like 6 would be comfortable

Steve is proud of his new addition to the dog park. Please make sure to fill it instead of the ball can we have out there. Make Pootin full of poo

Steve also taught Oogie about squirrels Oogie was very interested in the moving chew toy.

My firefly jars have been the hit of the summer. Check out what I have in the shop. They are constantly changing. They make great night lights or decorative lights around the house or yard. Jake has had his on his deck all summer turning on every night. They are solar powered

My Jenny’s Sock Shop website will no longer be taking orders. I am shutting down the cart on the site for awhile. I like it better when folks shop in person at the resort. I was working too hard to make sure I had the right inventory on the site. Now I just take stuff out to the shop and do not have to upload pictures to the website. I can still take pictures of socks and send by text if you want to shop that way I will ship. The jars though I am not shipping, to much of a pain to pack glass to make it through the mail.

The latest shipment of pop tops to the Madison Ronald McDonald House left this week. Thanks to all who brought tabs to the resort. Especially Leo Hodes and his students in Indianapolis

Keep the tabs coming if you have them at home bring on vacation I will get them to the Ronald McDonald. You never know when you may need the their help. Health is a funny thing you don’t appreciate it until you have a situation then you are grateful to folks like the Ronald McDonald House who are there for so many families at rough times

We are currently over 80 percent booked for the month of September. Check out our calendar for our few remaining openings if you are thinking of coming up. We have cabins open starting September 5th