First of all the big news of the neighborhood. There was a moose on the loose. This young male moose browsed through the neighborhood yards. He grazed got his picture taken and was in no hurry to move on

Troy and I got no closer than this as stories of charging moose came to my mind. We sat and watched him in Kim and Will Flower’s yard for about 5 minutes

It was the first time either of us had seen a moose in the wild. I have occasionally heard stories of them being spotted in the area but never in person

It was one of the neatest things we have ever seen

Back at the resort the dock crew assembled and the big swim docks were quickly taken out of the water for the season

Yes, Troy got the leaky waders again

Summer stuff headed to storage on the pontoon

Back to enjoying the late color

The colors are still beautiful

I just put a special on Wigwam for next weekend.

Our booking calendar is now open up to October 9, 2023 if you would like to book next fall

We have lots of cabins open starting October 23rd if you want a little escape with 2 night minimum