Sunrise picture from Muskie shared by the Peterman crew this weekend. It was a beautiful weekend at the resort

We had a few nice muskie pictures shared from the Setzer guys who were up fishing the lake for the first time

Nice Fish! All returned to the lake to be caught another day

We have slowly started the resort shut down. It will not be long before we are putting the slide back in the water

We are trying out an experiment this fall. If anyone loves to help split and stack wood with our splitter or axes, please get ahold of us. We are opening up a cabin or 2 to invite folks to help us out filling the shed

Work 9 – 3 two days with us and get a cabin for 2 or 3 nights. We are doing this from now till November 18th. We may open it up again for after Thanksgiving until December 18th and again in the late March, April and early May time frame. In spring we will be looking for help with raking, painting, docks, wood, and other things. Interested message jenny at to be put on the list.

We also just received word that The Town of Hazelhurst has just added 3 percent room tax to all lodging in town starting January 1, 2023 Unfortunately that means our tax rate is changing from 5.5 to 8.5 for 2023. Wish I had better news