I tried to capture the beauty of the morning sunrise.

We have had a busy week getting the resort ready for winter. Chris Moran and Steve were blowing off roofs

They are next going to cut a bunch of wood into chunks for splitting with our splitter. Anyone interested just holler:)

Jake and Grant were around this last weekend. It was time to get the last of the docks and the boat lift out

Who got the leaky waders? That would be Grant

Out went the slide as well. Where is Troy? Sidelined with a bum knee and not happy about it

Surveying the situation

After working we all headed down the trails with the dogs. Oogie is not far from his buddy Cooper. Linnea one of my good friends walking Jake’s dog Kira with Chris and his dogs Cooper and Libby.

Sunset on Lower Kaubashine with some migratory unidentified birds in the middle of the lake

I have taken pictures of all 3 of my goldens at this same spot on the walkway. Oogie carrying on the resort dog tradition. I was sure he was going to fall in but he somehow stayed dry

Sunset on a great fall.

We have plenty of cabins open the next 3 weekends if you need an escape. Thanksgiving we are down to Norway and Red Pine