I was a little under the weather this week so pictures of our deer hunters and Thanksgiving guests did not happen like usual

Sunrise just before the big hunt

The Evan’s family has been hunting with us for 20 years or so. They hunt the land across the road and got a nice 8 point buck this year

Congrats to them!

The Pryzybl crew have been with us almost as long. They hunt down by Kitty Springs. No deer this year but lots of fun as usual

I missed catching our other hunters but lots of good memories made at the Cliff opening weekend

Chris and Amanda Moran practicing their wreath making skills with Steve’s crimping machine before heading back home for Thanksgiving

Thanks to both of of them for helping us get so many projects done over the last couple of weeks. The Office/Sock Shop expansion, Shamrock’s new deck and the new pink trail

Back to watching the lake freeze over.

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

Looking at spending Christmas with us, we have Birchwood and Bayview open up the the 26th. Our next opening is January 2nd over the Holidays.

We have plenty of cabins open from this weekend up to Christmas if you want to escape at the lower rates. Come see the resort during the quiet weeks up to the Holidays and enjoy the quiet while we watch the snow pile up