It has been really starting to look and feel like winter. I heard from an ice fisherman that we have 6 – 8 inches of ice on the lake

I wait a bit longer to venture out on the lake. I heard a few walleye’s were the reward for early ice fishing on the lake

Boats hibernating for winter

Smack talk about our Christmas Eve family ice hockey game has started. Can’t wait til we are all flying around on the ice with hockey sticks in hand

Before Christmas and dreams on hockey gold…. there is work to do. The guys cleaning up the last of the wood pile. Steve plows snow into this area so it needed clean up before the big snow on Wednesday this week

Turning our wood splitter sideways was Steve’s go to, to getting the big ones split

I have been trying to get a walk in the woods everyday. This is the Valley of Darkness on the red trail

Magical almost Christmas sparkly snow.

Birchwood is still open up to December 26th and our first openings after that are January 2nd. Weekends in January and February are filling up

It is getting a bit Wintery looking