I have debated sharing my health issue on the Blog. Most of our guests who have visited from early August until now have heard. I am currently 1/2 way through treatment and feel it is time to share so everyone understands as they visit why I may be tired, wearing a mask or sporting a new hair style with lots of hats. August 8th I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. I am doing ok and and as long as I follow my treatment plan I stand a 90 percent chance of it not coming back. Triple negative is the most aggressive of the breast cancer so they are putting me through the wringer with treatments to get rid of it the first time. It did hit 2 of my lymph nodes and that is what made it stage 2.

I have made it through the worst of the chemo the first 4 treatments back in late September through October. They were brutal. Now I am on an easier chemo weekly every Friday until the first part of February. I get a month break and start 30 rounds on radiation mid March until April 26th. That is going to make me very tired. 

Going through this and recovering is going to be a long process. Getting my endurance back in the spring and summer will be a process. The beach steps will be my work out. An electric bike to keep up with Troy is in my future as well. My hair has started to come back in this easier 2nd round of chemo. Stay tuned for my new looks this summer. What color and how curly?

As long as my doctor says I am immune compromised with chemo I will be careful about exposure to all the germs. You will see me greeting people outside and dropping off bills to cabins. If you are in anyway sick with a sniffle please warn me before meeting up in the office. Bronchitis has taken me 6 weeks to gt over. I will open the office/sock shop and either limit it to 2 people at a time or have folks shop and I will total after and settle up in the bigger community room. My online store is shut down for Jenny’s Sock shop but I will text pictures of socks that are done if you want me to ship any. Making socks is my therapy through this but I am making less of them just when I feel like it.

All that being said, I am ok if folks ask how I am doing. I just hate surprising guests with this bad news on their first day of vacation. I have found it easier if they know ahead of time.The support and encouragement we have received from everyone has been amazing. Especially all the survivors out there sharing their story. As I become a survivor I will be here for anyone going through this awful journey please reach out. I have found nobody goes through this alone.

Early detection saved my life. If you have not gotten checked out make it a New Year’s resolution Breast Cancer and Prostate are the easiest cancers to cure if caught early. Mine was caught on a regular mamogram. Thanks again to everyone who has visited the resort the last few months and has been so understanding of the situation as we have struggled through hopefully the worst, diagnosis, surgery and chemo. Now we have 7 more weeks of chemo and radiation ahead. Makes us realize how important we and the resort are in so many peoples lives, its been heart warming

Jenny and Troy