So far storm has not been too bad. We got 6 inches of light fluffy snow last night. No winds so far but that is supposed to change tonight

Oogie out trying to catch the snow from the snow blower. He thinks its a great new game

Best purchase of the year is a Toro electric snow shovel. I can use it with one arm. My other arm I can’t lift with due to lymph node removal in August. So this was a great purchase

If you have a hard time or limited mobility with a shovel check it out! I love mine

Snow in the pines

Woodpile blasted with snow

Took a walk down to the lake

Oogie still a little hesitant stepping out on the lake He learned his lesson after a couple of falls in the cold water.

Only one way for a pup to learn

Did not take him long to head out exploring

The snowmobile trails are opening Friday. I am not sure when they are going to mark the lake for the trail.

We will be getting our rink going as soon as the storm ends

We had a couple of cancelations. Check out the availability chart on the website for up to December 27th if you want to escape the relatives and the storm calms down