This picture sums up why I enjoy living up north. We headed out with the family to enjoy a candle light fat tire bike trip through the woods on the zip line trails. The trails were beautiful at night gliding around the turns by candle light. Our local bike club organized the event. Just beautiful and great way to enjoy winter

We had some warmer weather that brought our snow pack down a little. Oogie and I headed down the trail before we got 3 – 5 inches of snow today. The woods were perfect to walk in thanks to our holiday snowshoers packing down the trail

The trees melted but are still all bent over from the Christmas snow. They all look like they are sleeping

Oogje was off chasing 2 does that ran across the swamp as we came up the trail. The deer laughed at the silly golden who had any ideas of sneaking up on them in the swamp

Over the holidays we had one day that 3 goldens were at the resort all from Harvest Time the breeder who I got Oogie from. The lady in the middle took one look at Oogie and knew he was a Harvest Time dog. Oogie and her dog are classic Harvest Time with their noses and Harvest Time smile. It was fun to see the 3 of the cousins play

Fresh snow is falling as I type. Summer confirmation letters went out in the mail today. Expect them in your mail box soon. Due day for deposits is January 20th. Please let me know your plans for summer as soon as possible. We start to get lots of calls after the holidays. Hope everyone can make it

Til then lots of winter fun to be had. Our skating rink and snow shoe trails are open, and fireplaces are blazing. We have lots of cabins open for January 7th weekend. Martin Luther King weekend we are booked out. After that the weekends are filling up. Time to enjoy winter!