We had 10 inches of wonderful snow blanket the northwoods. It is so pretty in the pines!

Steve was quick to get everything plowed out while Troy and I got shoveling duty. I got a new plug in power shovel that is light, kind of a like a small snowblower I can do one handed

Folks ask how I am doing and I am getting to the end of chemo. My right arm though due to having 44 lymph nodes removed I will always have to be careful of for the rest of my life due to Lymphodema. So you will see me doing things a little different like with the small power blower. Thanks to everyone who has been so understanding and supportive during this time. You will also notice a small stutter in my speech or pauses. I am hoping that goes away with chemo brain fog

Wigwam after Steve almost plowed it in

Summer deposits are due by January 20th for returning guests. If you have not sent yours in or have to cancel please contact me

I had forgotten to put in our January letter. Our rate increase we spread over half into the cabin rate and half into a cleaning fee. The reason we charge a cleaning fee is to give our 2 week guests a break that we have not done before. Cleaning expenses were one thing that went through he roof between laundry and our cleaners. It was crazy how much things went up this year and we had to make a tough decision. I understand for some this is going to impact their reservation and vacation. It is the worst part of my job when we have to make choices like this but our goal is to keep this resort going into the future when so many others are condoing and selling. It is sad each year the number of people who stop into the resort to see it looking for a new place to go because their resort they go to is selling and they have lost their vacation home. We plan on not doing that thus tough choices

We are considering April opening up cabins for folks to stay for free, who would like to help us open the resort for a few days or a week…. We are up for ideas. We ask folks to put in from 9 ish to 2 ish and the rest of the day is theirs to do fun things. We have raking, painting, putting in docks, building projects with Steve, splitting wood….. If this might interest you get ahold of me by email.