Burr…. does a picture tell a thousand words?

Its been too cold to get my fingers out of my gloves to take pics the last week or so. Today is the turning point and is warmer so my fingers came out and I snapped a few

Oogie seems oblivious to the cold. He just likes a snowbank to climb on to stick his nose in to find a ball

I love the hats that come out in the winter. Mark and Ted Tempel were visiting from Virginia. They are usually here in July and enjoyed checking out all their summer haunts in the cold winter.

Little Bohemia, Island Cafe, Ottos and Dan’s for fudge were all on the list.

Steve and Troy smartly planned a few inside projects. Today was a new water heater for Norway. Fitting this water heater in the small room we have for it will be their challenge of the day

Steve has a 2nd one for Holiday going in next week. After that inside projects will be taking out some of our last remaining carpets in bedrooms in the resort and a couple of bathrooms I know Muskie’s bedrooms are on the replacement list

Underneath the pile of snow is the summer supple of fire pit wood

Need to wander through some snow piles? We have 4 cabins left this weekend. Other weekends in February are booking up

Spring rates start March 1st. If a beach in Mexico is not on your bucket list and instead watching a lake melt, and watching our maple trees drip to make sap is on your list give a call

Summer 2023 Openings

Before June 3rd check out our website for availability

 June 3 – 10th

2 bdrs Bayview and Wildflower 1475/wk

3 bdr Kaubashine JUne 6, 7, 8 and 9th at 295/night 

4 bdr Bear Den and Red Pine open up to June 9th at 463/night, 4 night minimum

June 10 – 17th

3 bdr Norway 2065/week

June 17 – 24th

3 bdr Norway 2065/week

August 12 – 19th

2 bdr Bayview 1475/week

August 19 – 26th

2 bdr Wildflower 1475/week

4 bdr Bear Den and Red Pine Friday to Friday August 18 – 25th 3050/week

August 26th – Labor Day

Restawhile 2bdr August 26 – Sept 2nd and is also open Labor Day weekend

Wigwam 3 bdr August 26th – August 31 5 nights

Holiday 4 bdr 5 nights August 26th – 31 5 nights

Red Pine 4 bdr August 25 – Sept 2nd and also open Labor Day weekend

Labor Day Weekend – October 31st check out our availability chart on the website.

I will be opening up November – December 20th soon online