A few updates.. I do not put much on the blog about my health but wanted everyone to know all is well I finished chemo Feb 3rd and start radiation next week In between the two we took a trip to Tucson to see our middle son Ben and his wife Ali in Tucson. Our youngest son Grant and his girlfriend Bex came along as well It was a great trip. The resort was in good hands with Amy, Steve and Jen and Chris and Amanda Moran. Meanwhile we enjoyed a week and a half away exploring the country. Now we are back for the last hurdle hopefully 6 weeks of radiation ending April 26th.

It was a great trip but we were ready to head home for more than medical appointments

We came home to a resort buried in snow. While we were gone it just kept falling. If you need a little more winter we will have it for awhile

Before we left, while doing errands in town, a golden retriever emerged from under a desk at our electricians office. She was being fostered by Maggie the front desk lady. She informed me she was a foster and had been rescued from an Amish puppy mill. Purl spent the first 4 years of her life living in a cage in a barn with lots of other dogs in other cages having puppies She came with sawdust encrusted in her hair from the bedding. She never played with toys, been in a house or had much love. I was the first person she ever came out from Maggies desk to meet. She looked me in the eye, leaned on me and gave me her paw. That was it, I headed home to talk to Troy. Troy being a smart husband knew when your wife is recovering from chemo is not the time to say no. Thankfully he agreed and Purl stayed with her foster mom until we got back from Arizona. Oogie is showing her the ropes and she is slowly emerging and learning to enjoy life as dogs should. Her days locked in a cage in a barn are over. I hope everyone loves Purl and hears her story and learns to never, never buy a dog you do not meet the parents. Amish puppy mills supply about 25 percent of puppy mill dogs in America. Their puppies are in stores and many are sold on Puppy Finder and Puppies.com some through puppy brokers who buy litters from Amish and sell them. Rescues will tell you all breeds and designer dogs can be found in puppy mills like this. Please do your research before buying a puppy, meet the parents! Oogie came from a kennel I researched and I meet his parents.

All that being said. Welcome home Purl. You have won the lottery and deserve the new life you have earned at the resort with so many people to love you.

As soon as we got home Troy and Steve started ripping out some of the last carpet in the resort at Muskie

New floors going in Muskie’s bedrooms. So much better than carpet for us to keep clean. The last carpets are in Eagles Nest, 2 in Red pine and 2 in Bear Den

I am told Red Pine is on the list for floor like this in its upstairs bathroom.

I know there are several projects in the wheel house as the weather permits us to get to them. We have several groups who have contacted me to come up and help with our opening this spring. Winter has us in its grips for awhile before we can get to raking, painting, putting in boats and other projects. Stay tuned

Tapping trees for maple syrup is not the agenda soon but more snow needs to melt

Our spring rates are now in effect starting at 160/night of the 2 bedrooms. Give a call to come watch it all melt with us