They say it is spring….. but we had 3 inches of snow come down last night. The snow piles grew as Steve plowed around the resort

Icicles hanging everywhere. Spring is somewhere but not here right now

It was warmer Wednesday and Thursday and Troy and I got 30 taps hung up on the trees. We have 10 more to hang when it warms up again. The taps were flowing so the trees have confidence spring is coming

Highs not above 35 for a few days so the taps have shut off again until it warms.

Amy sells her syrup at the resort, and says her trees were all running as well. She and her son got a reverse osmosis system to take out most of the water in the sap this year to make the cooking time much less. Troy and I will cook ours as usual on our wood stove long and slow.

Purl and Oogie update is they are learning to share and Purl is slowly settling in. She is a picky eater and loves anything meat that is not he dog food. Hoping she learns I am not disappearing and she can relax a bit without her eye on me all the time.