It is officially spring and we have tapped our 43 trees. Waiting for warmer temps to get the trees flowing this week. We have had some minor runs of a couple of gallons but the weather looks much better starting today for sap running

The dogs were intrigued by the Martin family ice fishing last week

The snow on the lake has gotten quite thick. Raft has disappeared under 2 feet of snow

Dogs wanted me to hike out in this much snow…..

Quit taking pictures lets see what they are doing out there please says Purl and Oogie

So then this happened. I walked over an area they had fished a few days ago and accidentally put my foot into one of their ice holes. I sunk though 2 feet of snow into slushy water the ice hole had kicked up

It was a surprise to have my foot go down suddenly 2 feet. I knew the ice was safe but I sure got a wet foot and said a few choice words as my knee recovered from the fall. Purl was trying to figure out what was wrong while Oogie was happy to go exploring. Martin’s came over with a snowmobile to help but I was ok just very wet

Time to follow safe steps back to shore and change clothes

Oogie looking down trying to figure out what my problem was, I was not bounding up the steps looking for squirrels

How many goldens have looked at me in the same lacation on the steps.

The Martin’s shared pics of their catch I missed getting. Perch were definitely biting

Back at the top anyone want to try dunking basketball from a snow bank?

I had Birchwood open June 24 – July 1 if anyone is interested. It is for up to 5 people

June 2 – 10h we have several cabins open. I will consider nightly rentals with a 3 – 4 night minimum get ahold of me with nights you would like I will see if it fits in.

May reservations have been coming in steady. If you are interested don’t wait. May 6th and May 13th weekends have cabins open May 20th weekend we have Bear Den open. Memorial weekend have Kaubashine open. After Memorial cabins open starting that Monday

June 10- 17 we have Norway 3 bdr

August 12 – 19 Bayview 2 bdr

August 18 – 25th Red Pine 4 bdr