I am told spring is here… not sure I believe it but we did set up our 43 taps around the resort. So far the trees know there is a spring joke as well and have been slow to get flowing. We have one pot on our wood stove slowly peculating away boiling down

There is a ridiculous amount of snow in the forecast for Thursday and Friday I will not even type about

When spring is slow it is time to enjoy and break out the snow shoes. Steve, Chris Moran, Eric, Heather, Kids and dogs all headed out on the trail with the snow shoes. Troy and I came behind in our boots as they knocked down the trail That worked until they headed across the swamp and we took a drier trail

Down the trail we go

All returned safely with the kids asking to go again. Time to get to work. There have been some projects going on at Red Pine and Bear Den A little tree removal. Trees were used for a secret project at Bear Den, but I can say Red Pine’s kitchen and upstairs bathroom are looking great! More pictures to come

Steve went shopping for Troy.

You are looking at the replacement boards on our small docks at the beach. I am hearing they might be used on rebuilding the raft as well.

Stay tuned. It needs to stop snowing for many of our projects to take off. When will that be?