Its been an interesting weather week. We go beautiful 70’s for 5 days that allowed some of the snow to melt and the ice to start turning colors.

Mike Grady joined Troy at the beach for a few days rebuilding out dock tops for our boat docks. Mike is a retired carpenter and now only works when he has a great view. We had to break it to Mike we do not start working at 6 am like he did for 30 plus years. Sleep in and slow down is retirement carpentry

First dock done. A new high powered nail gun was a must for this job. Mike helped Troy learn to adjust the power of this new gun

In the middle of the assembly, Purl got to learn that the lake is no longer stable. Living in a barn for 4 years with the Amish as a puppy mill mom she never experienced ice and to be careful in spring. She took a plunge in the swimming area and I got to fish her out, which meant jumping in and hauling her off he ice edge she was trying to climb and get her headed to the beach wall and push her out. Purl and I can both attest to the fact that the lake is cold

Oogie, who had been tied up thinking he would be the one to take the plunge, looked down from his perch as if to say, was not me!

You were worried about the wrong golden taking the plunge

Back to work. They got all the docks built. I wish I had taken a picture of their completed docks because…..

This happened and Mike wisely decided it was time to head back to Madison. We may see him again for our raft project

What do you do when there is a foot of snow outside? If you are Steve you say home and work on a new screen door for Norway

After that you shovel off a work area at Shamorck

What could they be up to?

I know Steve is missing his building buddy Chris Moran for this one. A new pagoda over Shamrock’s door is in production. Steve has Kevin Carr, Eric Berchtold and a return of Chris Moran coming up,. This project has been talked about for years and with a little help is getting crossed off the list

In the meantime, Muskie’s right side of its roof has been added to the list. Before May 5th, Muskie will be getting half of its roof replaced. The ice dams this winter, sprang a few leaks on the right side of the cabin. Ceiling tiles and insulation along with the roof will be replaced. Muskie already was on the list for a new bath tub which was installed this week. Nothing like a leak to get things moving along to be replaced

In other dog news, Oogie decided our suet feeder was his mid morning snack. Purl looked on letting us know, nope she did not do this one

Please know Oogie will devour anything left outside. Someone recently threw bacon grease outside on the ground. Oogie devoured it and threw up on our carpet. Please be aware of what you leave outside. Garbage needs to be in the cans or taken to the dumpster. These 2 can sniff anything rotten or in their minds delicious. That includes garbage in plastic bags, it has to be in the garbage cans or the guy above (not Troy) will rip into it, not to mention attracting bears and coons. Thanks for helping us with this!

Back to melting snow…..

Anyone interested in trading helping us with spring work for cabin to stay in please let us know. Between now and May 12th we have lots to do. Leaf clean up and painting will be starting as soon as the snow leaves. We are hoping for next Monday April 24th to start if mother nature cooperates. We are almost full May 5 and 6th so we can not do it those dates but any others are open especially during the week if anyone wants to come up get ahold of us. We ask folks to help from 9 to 2 and the rest of the day is free.

Spring will come….