Its been a busy spring but we took some time for fun and rented some ebikes from Chequamagon Adventure Company in town and took a 26 mile round trip ride with friends. It was a great ride zipping down the trail. If you have not tried an ebike we highly recommend it. They are 50/day for 30/half a day try reasonable. The Bearskin is a perfect trail to try them on

My bike we own and since this picture we bought another one for Troy cause we enjoyed the trip so much. We are ready to enjoy a summer of biking

We made it down to the Goodnow tressel, 13 miles from Minocqua. We decided we were good, now and time to go backĀ 

We made it back with 1/2 our battery life yet

Back to work at the resort.

Dock work continued. We got our new dock tops on the old docks.

Looking pretty snazzy

Straightening other docks

Getting pontoon ready to go in now that we have docks to hook it up to

Oogie off enjoying the first pontoon ride of the summer. Purl was curled up in a ball at my feet unsure of the experience

Feet back on the ground it was time to see what Cheryl had in her bag of treats

We still have Norway open for Memorial Weekend and the weather looks great. Openings still up to June 10th 2 night minimum