There has been a lot of fishing going on the last couple of weeks with the spawn drawing the fish into shore

Bently was all smiles keeping his grandparents baiting his hook. He has a fish story to write about when school starts in the fall

With our late spring our time has been sucked up getting the resort back to summer mode

This year we rebuilt the raft. It needed a revamp. Its been around since the 50’s and has been rebuilt a few times

Casey has been a great help the last 2 weeks helping out before he heads off to training to hopefully become an amazing cross country skier at Vermont one of the premier schools for skiers. In the meantime his training has been working hard at the resort helping Steve

Casey holding it steady while Steve drops the anchor

You will notice the raft is not painted white. We are trying it for a year not painted. Scraping it every year and paint chips flying everywhere is not a favorite job

Looks a little different but we like it

Staining the dock was next. Casey blew Steve’s record for time to stain it out of the water

Casey likes breaking records

Troy likes his picture taken less but I caught him in his walk way project Slowly our wooden walk ways are going to brick as they wear out

Back to the Steve and Casey show painting half of Norway

Casey getting his arm work out for the day

Paint Paint Paint

Next up was winter trail pick up. Steve and Casey cleared downed trees from our big snow falls off the trails

Casey at home in the woods on a trail, just missing snow and his skis

Plenty of room Steve!

In between teaching and accounting jobs, we had help from Ben and Jake as well Nice to have them back a bit this summer

Both of them will be helping out when they are off from regular jobs Ben is an internal accountant with an online job and Jake just finished up teaching as he starts teaching summer school 1/2 days and starting some master program work he is very excited about. Between all that they will be helping out. We are waiting to hear if Grant finds an online marketing job so he has more flexibility to be around the northwoods more than 24 hours a time. Online jobs make the Northwoods much easier to be in as long as you have good internet location.