When starting off vacation the most important thing is finding a good spot for first dinner with enough room for just a couple of friends. Ottos in Minocqua if the weather is great has the most amazing patio to accommodate a few friends. Much fun and laughs were had around this table

Next most important thing is finding your missing piece of furniture that got moved to a different cabin over the winter. Cause vacation is not the same if you don’t have the same lamp you have had on your porch for 50 years

Next thing is to wet your line while Ooggie looks on

Beach work outs are a must. Especially when your daughter spent the entire car trip coming up with the hardest work out possible

Future work out influencer in the making

Playground maintenance is a must, especially when recycling the old raft

First of many baskets this summer

Field trip to the Manitowish Heart of the North bike trail also a must for any vacation preferably with an ebike

32 miles Manitowish to Boulder Junction and back

After a busy day grab a friend or two with a twenty dollar bill each and see what happens

There were a couple thumbs up but more thumbs down but fun was had by all

Back to the lake to enjoy quiet moments with the new loon family. Two chicks this year!