4th of July brings around our annual Roy Tungett Memorial Horseshoe Tournament Tom Hixson is our planner now organizing 45 participants into teams and off to Hilltop we go

We work on just making it to the pit with the shoes. Amelia has watched the tournament since she was little and now plays in it

Our biggest thrills come when we purposefully or accidentally ring the pole. We call this pole dancing. Linda was thrilled to be a pole dancer with the right bounce this year

There were a lot of first time ringers. Julia was thumbs up for her ringer

What form Kim, you must be a professional

Lisa was all smiles with a definite ringer that needed no judge to declare it

Beth with a great one as well. The ladies were really pulling out the ringers this year

Laura matched her mom Linda but sadly it did not keep her off the Pony Plaque this year

Chris and Will did their share of ringers as well

Audience cheering. The legendary Bob Robotka of horseshoe fame gearing up for his big match

All smiles from Roxanne Hixson…. but who would be in the finals this year and who would end up on the Pony Plaque

Amanda Hixson….. that is some pole dancing if I ever saw it

Yes I did it!!!

Then there are the Losers out in the first round…. no pole dancers here

In the end it was 2nd place to Mike Hixson and Heather Peterson

Our big winners were on the left. Bob Robotka and Brigid Hixson

See you next year Tom. Its time for the picnic

Our 2nd picnic of the week from this end of the table too….

To the other end. We lost track of how many we had but we filled the tables

Nobody got their name off the pony plaque this year, and nobody was sadder about that than Terry Hixson. Paul got to add his name to the plaque this year

Even with that nice ringer, Laura sadly was finally tracked down to add her name to the plaque. She was not happy about this occurance

Gloria adding Brandon’s name to the plaque as well

Til we meet again in 2024 good time was had by all. Roy is smiling somewhere and happy we continue what he started many many years ago….