Its been a cool week but lots going on. The loons are getting bigger. Happy to still see 2 of them on the lake

Deer have been getting bigger as well. So thankful when folks share such nice pictures like these with me to share

It started out as a warm week but a front came through with hail and cooled things off. Thankfully it was not bad. We still have not had to actually use our generator yet and we are ok with that

Getting a little white in July, not a picture we like to see in July

Mark and Ted enjoying time at the cabin. They had fun seeing Steve and Erik put up the new Wildflower sign. They are taking the old one home to Virginia

Steve and Erik trying to figure things out

The old Bayview sign is being delivered to Sharon, Wisconsin. Erik has made most of the signs in the resort now. We love his work!

Taking a break Erik and Heather headed off for some crappie fishing

Yes, Oogie has become quite the ham. He takes his job seriously.

We snuck off early morning for some berry picking. We have some awesome pick your own berry farms in our area. Next week blueberries!

With our ebikes, we have covered a lot of miles, exploring many new trails. If you want some new trails to try just ask. This is from the end of the Bearskin trail over Bearskin creek