I am glad Steve pays attention when we have lots of snow as to what trees are leaning over cabins or need trimming. Today it was Wigwam’s turn to get some trimming around it. The tree guys arrived. Left over stuff was mulched into our trails by the office

Dangling above Wigwam

We did take this tree out due to having a double top

Frisch Family fish fry was one of the highlights of the week. They catch all the fish for the whole family

Warming up the frier

Ted Tempel our head boy scout encouraged us to get a few life saving items. First was a hook for the beach in case we have anyone in trouble int the water. It will by by the step to the beach if anyone is ever in trouble

We are also investing in a AED in case of anyone needing it for heart attacks. It will be located in our office area where anyone can get it quickly to save a life

Things you never think of till you need it. Thanks Scout Master Ted

Howard Berchtold stopped by and found our what it means to be Ooggied. Oggie still thinks he is a lap dog and it quick to give anyone a hug that he thinks needs a little extra love. See Oogie if you need a smooch

The correct way to start our a week with wine. Jean enjoying a glass with Julie and Blake. Howard and Jean have been married 67 years this year. Congrats to them!

Red Pine is our next opening August 19th if anyone needs an escape. I will consider 4 night rental for the beginning of the week and a 3 night for the tale end if anyone wants to do a shorter stay. Red Pine is also open Setp 1 and 2nd on Labor Day Weekend. After that our first opening on the other cabins is Monday Sept 4th check out website for fall openings