We have an invasive seaweed that has been discovered in our lake called Eurasian Milfoil. It is not harmful to people but if left unchecked will grow and take over a lake. Many of the lakes in the midwest are dealing with the same issue. All boats coming in and going out of our lake need to be washed. We have hose by our office for people to use. We are also selling shirts and sweatshirts that proceeds all go to help pay for the lake clean up. Upper Kaubashine has been dealing with this issue since 2013 and we are learning how to deal with it from their lead. We are told we have caught it early and through monitoring and removal of what we have in the lake we are hopefully getting ahead of it.

To day we had the removal company on the lake with a diver vacuuming the weed out of the lake in locations we have discovered it in. The diver in the water sucks the invasive plants out of the lake onto the pontoon to be disposed of

A flotilla of lake volunteers in kayaks with nets scoop up on stray seaweed the vacuum might miss. Big thanks to this group of lake volunteers

Troy and I were going to give a hand until….

Oogie decided he wanted to help too.

Off to their 2nd spot. They are spending 3 days working their way around the lake. This pontoon is seen alot on Lake Minocqua chain where the problem is much worse

Luckily we applied and got a 25,000 grant over 2 years from the state to help with the costs. It still will not cover all of it but everyone helping out and contributing will keep the lake in good shape. Check out our shirts in the office or donations to the lake clean up fund are accepted and go straight to our Lake Association

In much funner news, the red boat and my hair had a fun day on the lake. I still don’t like my hair short but it is slowly getting longer and there is just something about cruising around the lake in the red boat, with a great buddy and the wind in your hair. Just don’t tell me it looks cute…. short hair is cute when you choose to have it, when your oncologist is the reason…. not so cute. I am getting slowly better with it and feeling good as I look back a year ago. August 22nd will mark a year since surgery and being cancer free

Having fun taking the family skiing

We have our cousins up this week from Delaware and are having our own family fun at the resort enjoying the lake

For historians of the resort, Ryan on the left and Jillian in the middle are my Uncle Dave’s grandkids, Alex on the right is Jillian’s boyfriend. Missing their older sister Emily

It was all fun until Alex fell skiing and his Apple watch reported an emergence crash to the police department. Apparently wiping out skiing is hard enough to set off the apple watch. Lesson learned is take off your watch when water skiing. The officer was happy to pet Purl and find out out it was a false alarm. Alex will go back to Delaware with a fun story and picture

In other fun news, Maja and Hillary diving found this cool old Double Cola bottle from the 1950’s in the deep swimming area

It now holds a place of honor in my office on the shelf

Jeff Woods one of our neighbors out fishing from his canoe caught this nice bass

Just glad Jeff did not tip over reeling in the fish

I had a cancellation pop up August 12 – 19th in Bayview. I just posted it on special at 150/night three night minimum. Red Pine 4 bdr is open as well August 18 – 25th with a three night minimum as well