November has its own beauty. The bright colors of October are gone but there is a still quietness to November I have always appreciated. The lake mists are almost every morning as the lake cools off and turns over. The warm water sinks to bottom and cooler water is at the top. The reverse of the warmer months.

Light snows that require no shoveling for now, just enjoy. The deer have been over rustling the acorns out the oak leaves by Eagles Nest

Shamrock in the light snow

No I am not eating or rolling in deer poop. Nothing to look at keep moving. I saw Purl eyeing up deer poop not me

Purl would like it known she has better manners than that. No eating poop for her. Sitting by a fire is more her speed

Out at the wood shed it is wood cutting time. We had a fresh batch of wood delivered but they put it where Steve plows, so all hands on deck to cut, split and pile wood

Other news is, Steve is, for the 3rd time trying to solve the leaky porch roof on Muskie. It will not defeat him! We shall see in the next rain if he was successful

Steve is happy to throw the old roofing in our handy dandy dump trailer. This spring he had dump trailer envy at the dump, when he was unloading by hand and others were hitting their hydraulic lift. Happy Steve

Back to enjoying lake mists

We have one cabin left for Thanksgiving. Bear Den is open. Get it before its gone and you have to stay home with Aunt Purl’s runny tasteless gravy and dry turkey

We are full New Years weekend but have openings up to December 30th for cabins. We are filling fast!