November sunrise. It is one of our quieter months but it has its own beauty

Warm morning light on he cabins

Not many pics this week or work done as Troy and I recovered from COVID. After avoiding it for almost 4 years it found us. We are both ok and putting it behind us. Troy felt good enough today to check out one of the cabin crawl spaces. He would like everyone to know 6 foot 1 does not fit well through holes like this. Atleast we know we won’t get COVID over the holidays! Time to have fun with the kids as they come home and not worry about germs to mom and dad

On a happy note for those wondering how I am doing, I had a clear mammogram scan last week. So far so good

The first snows melting away.

Oogie and Purl in their favorite spot, as close the fire they can get without burning any hair

November 17th weekend we have 3 cabins left. For Thanksgiving we have Bear Den open. I am reducing the nightly minimum for Bear Den to 2 nights 310/night. I am putting up a special for smaller groups up to 4 people at 200/night, but 3 night minimum to get that rate.

I just had Wigwam and Muskie cancel for New Years both have a 3 night minimum. Christmas week we have many others open up to the 30th. Christmas is about 1/2 full so don’t wait to make your plans. I usually get a rush of reservations as soon as Thanksgiving is over and everyone is back home