We left for a couple of days and came home to happily find the resort blanketed with a small layer of snow. It looks like Christmas outside and so much better than before we left when everything was brown.

Before we left the snow had disappeared and the guys were happily splitting next summers fire pit wood. So nice to work out here in the cool air and no snow covering all the logs

They were also working on the winter killing pile. It goes fast when the cabins are full. There is no other resort in he area that supplies wood let alone kindling. It is lot of work but the wood shed is staying full

Pic taken this morning. Just happy we have a wintery look. I stepped out on the raft and it was mostly solidly frozen in. There is a muskrat living under it this winer that is trying to keep a hole under it open as its den. I am going to take a guess at 4 inches of ice. I am not stepping out on it yet until I see others out there. Hoping it is an awesome skating experience at Christmas if the snow levels stay low. One of our favorite things to do at the holidays is skate all over the lake, it is some of my favorite experiences gliding all over the lake on skates

We still have openings Christmas week. What will the weather bring? Not sure but we are prepared to have fun anyway we can with our family over the holidays. One thing I am sure of it will be cooler and better chances of snow up here than down south.

Summer January letters are starting to be written. Those not holding a week in the summer right now can get ahold of me after The New Year when I keep a list of new people looking for a cabin. Those with reservations in your letters will go out Monday after New Years with deposits due by January 20th. Our room tax as of January 1 in Hazelhurst has gone to 5.5%. I wish I had better news about that but I do not expect any changes on the tax rate again for many years.