Oogie would like everyone to know it is cold out. Purl would not leave the house so it was a hike with Oogie this morning

Our trails in the morning sunlight are stunning

The views and varied terrain, I think we are beginning to be just as nice as many of the trails in the area. Who needs to leave the resort! We atleast have the best trails in Hazelhurst and are starting to be as good as established trails in area.

Cold leaf hanging on. Warmer temps by this weekend

Who needs to leave Hazelhurst anymore for good food. We headed down to Hilltop for one of their pizzas on a Wednesday night. We were happy to see a full bar of folks on a Wednesday that have discovered how great the food is. I tried something different, a sausage, garlic and shaved brussel sprout shaved pizza with a glass of Viking Blood. Delightful! Dayna and Jordan are really creating a unique spot and people are starting to follow

Their new menu typed out on a real typewriter

My choice tonight. Troy went more traditional with their pulled pork sandwich

Troy and I also got to meet the beer can people. Lets just say not to examine too closely with kids around. They are left overs from 4 owners of Hilltop ago. Back to Carl’s days. I had never seen them, Tom had them down at the end of the bar. I think they just come out for special occasions. Right now Hilltop is open 4 – 9 Wednesday through Sunday. When visiting the resort make sure to make a trip to Hilltop

Between Hilltop, Jacobi’s 1922, Church Social, Pickles, Hazelhurst Pub, Whitman’s and Quiet Side Deli there is no reason to leave Hazelhurst for food anymore