We had a fun weekend with our youngest son, Grant and his fiancĂ© Bex welcoming their new buddy, Moose. Bex decided to surprise Grant with Moose at the resort this weekend. They had been considering him for the past 2 weeks, Grant just did not know he would be welcoming him at our front door Saturday morning. Moose is a rescue from Foster and Fetch in Wausau the same rescue, Purl came from. Moose was surrendered by an Amish breeder at 6 weeks because of a birth defect with his eye. Puppies should be with their moms till 8 weeks. Moose was fostered by Purl’s foster mom, Maggie. Her female golden gave Moose lots of love and he adjusted well. He had his eye surgery this week and was ready for Bex and Grant. When Maggie picked him up he was in a legal puppy mill, living in a yurt with 38 other dogs in crates. Please, please, please do your research when buying a puppy and beware of any puppies from the Amish. Puppy mills are horrible and legal in Wisconsin because of our lax laws

Moose is a happy ending and will be spoiled for the rest of his life. He is a cute bugger and we can’t wait for more visits from him and his humans

Oogie and Purl checking him out

Moose trying to help out with the kids playing tetherball this weekend. He was quickly learning what a golden’s life is at the resort. When he visits he will fit right in

Purl and Oogie wanted a pic since Moose was getting all the attention this weekend

Many have missed our County Plumbing poems in the bathrooms. Steve had taken them down with the intention of sprucing them up a bit and new frames. After many requests from guests we got them back

How many can recite this poem from memory. If you have forgotten a few lines, you can refresh your mind with each flush

We love winter and can’t wait for it to return for a few more weeks!