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Spring has sprung. The warm rays have got the snow melting and our maple trees running

Our filter set up for our maple sap. We are very high tech. That is a dog leash that we hang the filter from off the top deck. We filter out little bits that fall into the sap

Filtered sap ready to go in the cook pots to boil down

We just bought this beautiful wood cabinet from a local wood worker. Mike Glauner does beautiful stuff. This piece is headed to Muskie’s king room next to the bed. We may get a few more things from him. I love how he mixes different woods. I hear he has a lifetime supply of old barn wood in storage

We headed out to breakfast this weekend. Oakfire just opened for brunch. This was their breakfast pizza

French Toast was also on the menu. All delish with a bloody mary

Fun old pic. Restawhile from 1920

Back to melting snow.

There is just something about a warm March afternoon when you actually feel warmth from the sun and you leave your winter coat in the house

Guys headed out to the wood pile to discuss how to cut these big pines up for fire pit wood

Big logs are not their favorite

Much discussion

First log is picked out. They work hard to keep the wood piles full

I stopped back and they had created a pile to surprise Jake with for splitting. Thankfully our new splitter turns sideways and you roll these big ones into position to be split

We are still waiting for the maple taps to start dripping. Looking at the forecast starting Sunday looks like when they will start up

Next week looks perfect for sapping. Highs in low 40’s and 20’s at night is what we need to get the trees going. We have 43 trees tapped through the resort

My friend Amy has 90 trees tapped. She will be selling her syrup through her food email she sends to guests each week. Her trees are local. They will have a busy few weeks keeping up with 90 trees once they start dripping. I am much happier keeping up with our 43

We have 2, 3 and 4 bdrs still open this weekend. Time to escape the news and head up north for a few days of R and R and watch the trees wake up with us

Mack would like to announce the start of spring rates. The cabins start at 145/night. Right now we have openings to fit all size groups in March and April. May is booking up

Check out the website availability page for details on exact dates and cabins open

Summer we have a few openings

June 3 – 10th Bear Den and Red Pine 4 bdr homes at 2965/week

June 4 – 11 Kaubashine 3bdr 2005/week

June 11 – 18th Norway 3bdr 2005/week

June 17 – 25th Bear Den and Red Pine 2965/week

August 19 – 26th Red Pine 4bdr 2965/week

August 27 – 2nd Muskie 4bdr and Wigwam 3bdr

August 26 to Sept 5th Red Pine 4bdr

Right now those are the openings, for early in the summer or into fall check out the website. I have the bookings open through the end of October. We are waiting a bit on opening up November and beyond until we do our winter pre buy of LP for heating. If interested in dates after October 31st give a call

The sun has felt warmer on the hillside
Skating rink this last weekend was open.
Snowmobiles flying across the lake
Warmer temps bring out the icefishing shacks. It was a little slow another week should get more action

Lots of cross county skiing going on
These two did some bush wack skiing on our snow shoe trails. They were all smiles

Trips to the woodshed are priceless between brothers

Good times to enjoy quiet moments at the resort

We are all dreaming of summer as winter goes on We have a winter storm closing in tomorrow

We headed out on the red trail with the dogs. We were watching Penny this weekend. Mack stayed back by the fire

The valley of darkness is always one of our favorites on the red trail. The snowshoers had the trail packed down, it was a easy hike

Beautiful blue skies along the way once we got out of the valley

I am ready to find Mack and the fire, enough walking. The squirrels are not out

WE had a huge delivery of pop tops for the Ronald McDonald house If you have any at home in a container bring them along on vacation we will get them to ether Marshfield or Madison house

Ronald McDonald house is special in our house after needing it for one of our sons years ago and we have never forgotten how wonderful they are to families at difficult times

It is Monday back to work. The carpets in Birchwood and Wigwam are on the way out the door with new wood flooring headed in. Guys have to the weekend to get it done!

It has been a great winter week with folks up enjoying all the northwoods has to offer with new snow

Fresh snow in the driveway and the pines

I took these at twilight with the lights on. I love the way the cabins look with fresh snow and getting dark. Reminds me of a Terry Redlin painting


As this point it was cold and my fingers froze so time to head in

Monday morning the guys said they wanted off from cleaning again they had something to work on…..

I said that’s fine but it is rented this weekend you have to have it done

Taking measurements and putting new flooring in Birchwood’s big bedroom. No more carpet!

Ice fishing pics from Brent Geilenfeldt. Thanks Brent for sharing! He had a great week fishing

Brent waiting patiently for a fish to bit. Thanks for sharing your pics!

Everyone in the winter says a big thank you to Troy for keeping the rink clear.

We are full this weekend but have openings mid week and all weekends after that

Come on up and enjoy winter while it lasts

I had a beautiful set of sunset pictures shared by Brent Geilenfeldt. He was out ice fishing and caught these

Beautiful thanks for sharing Brent!

I need to check with him to hear what was biting

We had some beautiful fresh snow fall Wednesday morning. Right now we are booked out Friday and Saturday this weekend and next. We have mid week open so if you need to escape with your valentine give a call

We had a fresh load of wood delivered. We have been so busy we have just about exhausted our dry firewood.

Luckily we found some through a tree service

It was a quiet but cold day. Day three of cleaning cabins after the weekend and the guys were getting a little tired of cleaning.

Peaceful Day In The Northwoods
Muskie Inn

Next thing I know there is a ladder in front of Muskie. I remind them that the cabin is rented on Friday. Things have to be done by Friday.

I get the sure no problem assurance as they head off with tools.

Ceiling tiles started appearing outside the cabin.

Clean table turns into a work station.

I find them taking down tile. Again telling me they will be done before Friday.

New light installed above the shower and new fan for the bathroom. We have had ventilation problems with Muskie with all the showers taken and folks not turning on the fan.

New ceiling tile will be a welcome change.

No problem! It will be done on time


It has been fridged out and taking pictures and exposing my fingers to the elements has not been on my top list of things to do.  However today I knew the weather broke as we had ice fishermen out in the middle of the lake.  I knew it was ok to go outside


I took a jaunt down to the beach which I had not been down to in over a week.  I noticed one of the kayaks was missing…. I saw a trail in the snow…….

IMG_8355 (1)

Hmmm…. want to take a guess at what this kayak might have been used for…..  Thinking I might need a new sign at the beach about sledding in kayaks….


Back up to the house to grab some wood and go back to the fire.  The bitter cold temps look to be gone.

I have posted a few mid week hot deals on our cabins.  Our 2 bdrs have been booking out so I have opened up some bigger ones for smaller groups mid week

IMG_8293 (1)

It is that time of year that a lot of energy goes in to keeping the ice skating rink open.  So far the rink has held up well.  Cold temps are the answer to a good rink.  Steve was blowing it off in the sunset getting it ready for the weekend

IMG_8263 (1)

This past weekend we had lots of people out enjoying it


Lots of hockey action going on

Nothing like playing hockey on a lake compared to indoor rink

IMG_8265 (1)

Always good to have a volunteer with boots on to help get the bumps off the ice

IMG_8266 (1)

Defending the goal

IMG_8267 (1)

Spectators cheering on the game


This is the look of a sucessful afternoon on the ice with family

IMG_8268 (1)

Snowmobiles zooming across the lake

IMG_8287 (1)

Out at the woodshed, Troy was working on a new pile of kindling.  Our in town source has dried up.  Steve drove to Rhinelander to get a trailer full of scrap.  The guys put a lot of time in to keeping the shed full.  I do not know another resort that does what the guys do supplying wood and kindling.  


Sock machine has been busy.  I have spent 2 days making scrap socks.  They are fun to see how they turn out.  Combining the different left over skeins creating one of a kind socks.


The UW Madison pink flamingo returned for its 20th plus time gracing the snow bank for Martin Luther King weekend.  There must be a joke about snow on the flamingo means….

Summer Opening update

Bear Den and Red Pine June 17 to the 24th 

Kaubashine just opened June 4 – 11

We have openings up to June 11 and starting August 19th.  Check out our calendar on the website for details

Winter openings have been steadily filling.  Need a weekend away give a call.  I have been posting mid week specials as well on the larger cabins as the smaller ones have been filling up


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Mack would like to report that it is warmer out and is acceptable to pose in the snow once again.  

Temps in the 20’s feels like a heat wave.  Mack was romping in the snow turning on cabins with me this morning

The resort has gotten busy again after New Years.  I think folks are tired of being at home and hesitant to travel or plan trips.  A cabin up north during these times feels good.  Lots of things to do outside or just sit by the fire.  We have had several health care workers arriving this last week.  Each one looking exhausted and ready to decompress in a cabin.  


Winter maintenance.  We get ice build up on our exhaust pipes on the roofs sometimes.  A bucket of hot water down the pipe takes care of things.  Just another day at the office for Troy


Fresh snow in the pines


For those dreaming of summer in the front yard with friends this pic is for you

January letters went out for returning guests for Summer 2022

At the moment we have had a couple of openings pop up

Bear Den and Red Pine June 17 -24th 2965/week up to 10