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Happy Fall! The colors are turning. Just in time for great color pictures, I dropped my iPhone 10 for the last hurrah of my screen. I had been limping it through the summer and had planned to replace it. After 7 great years it was time to retire the old phone. As anyone who has […]

The hot humid weather left and fall is in the air. Not a lot of leaf changes yet Storm blew through pushing the warm weather out and we lost one of our oak trees Headed to a fireplace soon Sari brought up some friends on vacation to release. Headed off to Mexico for the winter […]

Will and Kim Flower shared these great pics of the loon parents and babies on the lake If all goes well they will be headed to the Gulf Of Mexico a month or so Purl soaking up the last days of summer at the beach. She loves her life. Where is Oogie? Stealing grill scrapers […]

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We have an invasive seaweed that has been discovered in our lake called Eurasian Milfoil. It is not harmful to people but if left unchecked will grow and take over a lake. Many of the lakes in the midwest are dealing with the same issue. All boats coming in and going out of our lake […]

I am glad Steve pays attention when we have lots of snow as to what trees are leaning over cabins or need trimming. Today it was Wigwam’s turn to get some trimming around it. The tree guys arrived. Left over stuff was mulched into our trails by the office Dangling above Wigwam We did take […]

Its been a cool week but lots going on. The loons are getting bigger. Happy to still see 2 of them on the lake Deer have been getting bigger as well. So thankful when folks share such nice pictures like these with me to share It started out as a warm week but a front […]

4th of July brings around our annual Roy Tungett Memorial Horseshoe Tournament Tom Hixson is our planner now organizing 45 participants into teams and off to Hilltop we go We work on just making it to the pit with the shoes. Amelia has watched the tournament since she was little and now plays in it […]

Always a lot of fun on the 4th of July week Lots of family and friends. Too much to do and too little time is the theme of the week but we cram a lot in This year we seated 56 people at the table for the seafood boil a new record The cooks were […]

When starting off vacation the most important thing is finding a good spot for first dinner with enough room for just a couple of friends. Ottos in Minocqua if the weather is great has the most amazing patio to accommodate a few friends. Much fun and laughs were had around this table Next most important […]

This week I Summer has really hit. Most of our spring projects are either done or on the back burner for next spring. I have been slow updating the blog. Sorry for that. Between the late spring and my recovery from my treatments it has been a bit of a challenge. Shaking off winter, my […]