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Watching way too much CNN yesterday I needed a little perspective and peace.  I headed out the door to find some peace and calm outside.  I think I caught that picture below with Birchwood I took a picture a couple of days ago from the other side of Birchwood looking up at this tree half […]

I figured everyone would appreciate checking out the colors at the lake. I took all these pictures at sunset Sunday night Did I mention I have 2 cabins open next weekend? and a bunch open up on Saturday the 4th. Anyone that books the ones on Saturday the 4th with a 2 night minimum get […]

This is the maple tree by Birchwood’s porch. We are at about 40% of the trees changing. Hight of color will be in the next week. There is no better time to be at the resort With temps hitting 80 today and 70 over the weekend it is a great time to be in the […]


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Not the best picture but the best I could get from a distance.  The loons are starting to show their gray winter plumage.  They should be heading out in a couple of weeks for the Gulf of Mexico

Had a special request for screen saver pics from Paul Zaremba this last weekend.  The sunrise cooperated this morning so I took a pic both ways side ways and regular.   Enjoy and I will just add it to Paul’s bill

In between Muskie fishing, Jimmy Cikowski caught these 2 nice fish last weekend.  They were headed straight for the frying pan

It is the end of the blackberry season in the North and we headed off for one last afternoon to pick for Jam.  We did not get many rasberries this year so we were eager to fill the freezer with Blackberries.  How eager?  Eager enough to share the patch with a bear There are advantages […]

Fritz the winner of our ice out contest 2008 is one of the best Muskie Hunters on Lower Kaubashine next to Jimmy and Al was a having a small problem finding crappie. A blonde happened to over hear his dilema and whispered in his ear, Slip Bobber and 12 – 15 feet of water and […]

Why does Muskie grow such a nice patch of moss on it every year.  I have no idea.  We have tried many remedies and even tried ignoring it.  This year we are giving Vinegar a try.  It worked on a parch of poison ivy earlier along with salt. One of the nice things about running […]

Hello everyone, Bryon Black here. Welcome to the new Birch Bark Blog, the daily online journal of all things related to running and living at Northern Wisconsin’s best family-owned and operated four-season resort. I’ve been testing the new blog for the past month and feel that it is now ready for your reading, and commenting […]