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There were some amazing colors in the skies preceeding a storm on Friday It was hard to capture the colors but my camera did the best it could Thankfully the storm went through with no damage. It was sure erie to be outside with these skis Cause there is nothing cuter than one puppy other […]

Yep Oogie is getting bigger and he still thinks he is a lap dog. He has been loving all the kids at the resort this summer and they him I am more happy than you can ever know that I got him earlier than I thought. He has had a great summer adjusting in to […]

I love watching families enjoy quiet time at the dock, especially in the morning. There is nothing like quiet time at the lake in the morning We had a lot of changes the last week. The big dig for electric lines for our electric car charging stations went in. We are installing 2 level 2 […]

This picture explains why being at the resort and sharing family time is so special Dawn who spent many summers at the resort watching us as kids, then many summers with her own boys at the resort vacationing, is now sharing one of her favorite spots with her granddaughter Rose. John her oldest stopped in […]

Its been beautiful weather at the lake. Not too hot and not to cold as the rest of the country has been baking It feels like we have been in puppy fest. Ben and Ali brought their new corgi to the resort to meet Oggie. It was 2 days of puppy wrestling Lots of dog […]

Mack would like everyone to know he is doing good with the puppy. He does not love him but considers him part of his pack. He does love the toys Oogie comes with. He claims a few and Oogie knows old dog gets first pick Mack especially enjoys walks were he is off leash and […]

There has been a bit going on in the last week an a half. We welcomed this ball of energy to the resort. Oogie Boogie, Oogie for short arrived and not much sleep was had for a week. Lots of time on the grass convincing him to pee outside. So far so good. The little […]

It was a great 4th in the Northwoods. Unfortunately one thing that is not good around the 4th is the internet and dropped calls. There have been no blog entries due to the clogged up internet from a very full Northwoods with a few too many people for a few days. But we all had […]

Nothing starts out a good morning like relaxing in perfect chair with fishing pole Just as perfect Meanwhile at the main docks there was a lot going on picking the perfect worm Grandpa Rich was giving the tips to Amelia, Graham and little Miller. Miller was getting casting guidance from Grandpa. Later as it warmed […]

We get all sorts of visitors at the resort. This little snapping turtle was in my garden. I gave him a lift in the right direction back to the lake Much larger version was photographed by Anne Kurtz by Holiday. We do not get the big ones up in the resort very often. I think […]