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A friend of mine caught this picture of a brand new baby fawn on County Y about 10 minutes from the resort.  I am sure mama was not far away

Our 2nd cache adventure took our new family mini van down roads(snowmobile trails) that it was not ment for.  We carefully took negotiated the ruts over a mile into the woods to our destination.  I knew this one was going to be neat due to the history involved.  Below is a picture of where we […]

With 4 inches of snow coming in today I decided to go to my mail box for pics I refuse to post any pics of the outside today I am done with snow.  These pics were sent in by Rob Moore who was watching the resort for us this weekend along with Bob and Barb. […]

Cliff has always been a big fan of Elvis so it seemed logical that he head in the direction of Memphis on Amtrak.  Maybe Cliff will pick up some new hair style ideas and ditch the orange hat Needing wheels to get around the state of the King of Rock and Roll, Cliff stopped in […]

The raft being slowly iced in Missing Picture this morning. Sunrise from the top of the hill with an Eagle at the top of a birch tree looking out over the lake and the sunrise. Dam I missed that one, camera was no where to be found til the eagle flew off Special thanks go […]

Grace and Rob from my previous post also sent me these awesome loons in the mist. They have lost their black and white look but you can’t tell from the pics. They should be heading out soon for the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks for sharing these great pics

After being stuck in the house for a rainy Saturday it was time to head out on a Geo Cache We headed out to a part of the Bearskin Trail I had never been on. We caught the trail down by Pinewood Golf Course South of Hazelhurst about 5 miles. 2 moms, 5 kids and […]