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It was a cool but ok weekend to get out and do a few events.  The trusty Iphone camera came along instead of my main camera as it fits in a pocket so bare with the graininess.  The above picture was taken heading down the trail across from the resort for a bike ride into […]

This link will take you to a video of Beef A Rama 2009.  It will give you an idea of just how crazy this festival is.  Youtube has other videos of Beef A Rama if you search for them

The mists and the color were at the lake this morning.  Enjoy Now that I have tortured you with pictures of the awesome color, I do have 2 cabins left for this weekend.  Beef A Rama is this weekend that everyone should experience once in their life.  I hear the pirates are back on the […]

Minocqua was a rocking and a beeping on Saturday.   It is always a unique experience to walk the streets of downtown Minocqua on Beef A Rama, you never know the sites you will see This guy was one of the more interesting sites to see.  Funny thing, is he fit right in There was a […]

The Podriza crew showing their true pirating colors this weekend at Beef A Rama.  I put out a bounty for a picture of them and finally had a few Beef A Rama pics submitted from the Life Spring Coffee Clutch.  I hear the cannons even fired.  I would have loved to see the reaction of […]

Ususally this crew is bigger. Every year they dress up the beef for TJ’s Butcher Block with their antics and costumes. Last year they were the ugliest and funniest cheer leaders ever aloud to put on a uniform. This year I hear the theme is back to PIrates. They are missing their ring leader Tia, […]