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This is a good example of how much snow has come down the last couple of days.  Looking at the National Weather Service they are calling for an additional 5 inches between now and Saturday morning inch today, tonight and then Friday night 3 inches. Bearskin trail in Hazelhurst this morning.  Talked to John the […]

We had two huge loads of wood delivered to the resort from a local logger.  This logger used a double section truck dropping 14 cords of wood in front of the shed.  Question is can we get the big truck and trailer out of the driveway? Analyzing the corners of the driveway to judge if […]

What cabin is the furniture delivery for…  Last weekend we had someone lite a couch on fire from a candle (you wonder why I do not leave candles in the cabins).  The couch is getting fixed but in the mean time we need a new couch in the system…. Fritz our 2008 Ice Out contest […]