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It was a day we wait for each spring the same as waiting for the first drips from the maple trees, waiting to see the fish spawning at Cedar Falls. ┬áJust 10 minutes from the resort is Cedar Falls where each spring depending on the water temp you can stop to see fish jumping in […]

Time to head to Cedar Falls 10 minutes from the resort to see the fish spawning in the water fall. ┬áThis is a yearly ritual for many locals in Hazelhurst who remember going to the water fall with their parents and grantparents, bringing along a picnic lunch and enjoying an afternoon of fish jumping and […]

This weekend we headed over to Cedar Falls 10 min from the resort to see the Muskie and Suckers spawning The upper falls did not have any fish spawning but a while lot of frogs We headed to the lower falls and had a lot more luck Staring at us from the depths of the […]