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Sunrise this morning with interesting cloud formations I am guessing this cloud was man made some how.  It was cool to see this morning Ducks flying in the sunrise Old pictures made me think about messing with the Black and White on my Iphoto.  Gives the shot a different feel.  Couple of boats still in. […]

Just in time for winter the resort truck made it back from the plow guy who installed a plow on to it.  Good thing as we have 13 inches of snow in the forecast for Saturday.  Steve was happy to test it out and break it in on the 2 inches that came down over […]

Word was out in the neighborhood that it was wreath making day.  All day today we had 3 eagles swooping around the trees at the resort screeching at one another.  It is creepy to be outside and hear them and see the big birds going overhead.  We saw 1 juvenile and 2 adults.  This was […]

The Moore family was up this weekend to enjoy some quiet time before Christmas and some shopping.  They would like Doug to know that Vicki behaved herself all weekend and did not cheat at cards… ok maybe a little….. They amazed me with what they had squirreled away for the weekend in the cabinet. Steve […]

My favorite pic of the day.  We got an additional 5 inches of snow last night and this morning.  The trees were loaded and it was beautiful to look out off the hill at the snow still coming down through the pines.  Good news is our problems with our plow truck are on the way […]