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Time for a dead birch to come down.  Craig had a volunteer chainsaw operator Mark.  Mark has spent alot of time with chainsaws carving ice but has never used one for taking down a tree.  From ice sculptures to birch logs.  Question is with Wildflower in the back ground can they manage to take the […]

The victim of the day.  Craig was home for 5 days and had his eyes on a few dead trees that needed to come down.  The largest one of the season he has been looking at for a few years and is precariously close to Restawhile with a lean in the direction of the cabin.  […]

How cold is it?  According to Craig, cold enough to pull out his McDonald’s hat from the 80’s.  We had our first killing frost last night and the woodstove got lit.  No furnace yet at the office, Troy’s goal is to avoid that until November 1st.  Thank god for woodstoves or we would be huddled […]