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It was a beautiful quiet sunset once again on the lake and I grabbed the kayak again to head out for the peak of color.  Enjoy The shoreline on fire across the lake Looking back at the sunset I took this picture for Kim and Will Flower The loon was out as well.  You can […]

Headed down to work at Bear Den and brought the camera along to take some color pictures in the bay Mack Came along for the ride as well and could not resist the lake I am not sure how he got in this position or what he was thinking beyond getting a drink of water […]

I had been eyeing up these leaves for a couple of days with the half change, brilliant red offset by the deep green of the evergreen Woods starting to come alive with color More pictures to come when the sun comes out I had a correction on the mushroom from yesterday from Linda in Atlanta. […]

With temps in the 60’s during the day and 40’s at night it definitely is feeling like fall.  Spots of color can be spotted here and there if you look closely With a bit of rain coming down on Tuesday it was time to get the boats cleaned out.  Sunshine seems to be breaking up […] Check out the link above for an interesting story of a local bear in Lake Tomahawk.  It does explain why outside feeding is sometimes not the best thing.  When we have had a bear on our deck we have removed the food source.  Not sure if I would have had the guts to do […]

Fall color report.   The color is just starting and you can catch trees here and there with nice reds and yellows.  This one is down between Restaswhile and Wildflower Other areas of the hill are still green With 3 weeks of dry weather and a dry summer, the colors i think will be a little […]