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Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine The tracks speak for themselves as to how busy the lake has been.  Still not marked for snowmobiles but that is not stopping anyone from venturing on the lake.  Personally I feel better when I see the markers out there Trying to figure out what is going on in this picture… […]

We had quite a day at the resort.  Many storms rolling through.  One sent the entire resort into our basement.  When the call came from Craig that there was a hook echo involved in the radar, everyone headed to the basement to ride out the storm.  Craig is a former professor of metorology at Nicholet […]

Beautiful afternoon and we escaped chores to go out for a little fishing adventure on the pontoon boat Wanna wow a teenager have them catch a big perch. The loon had to stop in and check out the fishing as well.   We spotted the new nesting spot of the loons in the back bay. […]