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Sporty showing off the latest in chubby beagle wear.  Too chubby to fit into the doggy jackets at the store… have an owner that will make you a custom made knit one to fit the mature beagle.  Notice the fancy cuff around the neck Wahooo the ease of movement for for the height challenged Eat […]

Been a lot of stripping going on around the resort, furniture stripping.  This old cabinet had many layers of white led based paint stuck to it.  After many hours working on it, it still has cracks and crevices to clean out Sophisticated tools of the trade. Back to work, it will be fun to see […]

What cabin is the furniture delivery for…  Last weekend we had someone lite a couch on fire from a candle (you wonder why I do not leave candles in the cabins).  The couch is getting fixed but in the mean time we need a new couch in the system…. Fritz our 2008 Ice Out contest […]