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Here is the problem…  See the size of the door…  how to get a shower through this door? Answer to the problem..  go through the screen.  Will it work? Heave Ho, I hope you made room for it.  Did Craig think of how to get this in the cabin when finding the “Good Deal” on […]

View off the hill this morning.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet Mac sneaking in the picture.. wondering where all the excitement at the beach has gone.  School started today and he is definitely noticing how quiet the resort and our house is this morning

Morning mists are back.  I broke out my telephoto lens to experiment this morning.  I have bought the ESO Cannon Book for Dummies and plan on experimenting more as I try to learn the ISO and aperture.  Some people can off the top of their heads explain the 2 things in some other language that […]

I heard a rumor about a lite bobber for night time fishing was being experimented with by the Adamtietz crew.  Here are the results of the experiment.  The bottom crappie is quite a fish.  I forgot to ask how big it was