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On our way to the Lakeland vs. DC Everest basketball game in Wausau last night, I quickly pulled over so Troy could grab my Iphone and snap these pictures of an icefisherman at sunset on Lower Kaubashine.  It was absolutely beautiful.  Earlier in the day I did not have the camera or my Iphone when […]

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Cody and his Uncle Jimmy showing off their big catch a 31 inch Northern this weekend.  Cody’s smile was worth it all.  I think it was his lucky hat that gave him the edge this weekend More nice crappies were biting.  This one still shows its white colors.  After a hour on the ice it […]

Hey those guys sitting on buckets are back. Ice fishermen dress in all sorts of garb.  I asked what was with the bright colors and he said it was so his wife could spot him out on the lake Sun peaking through.  The snow total for later today and tomorrow has been adjusted to 5 […]

Mack headed out on the lake to investigate how the Cikowski crew was doing ice fishing.  What is with these guys sitting on the lake? Running into our first icefishing hole.  Mack was definitely interested in what it was all about Nice crappie and bluegill found. The crappie came up white and had turned back […]

Ice going out on the edges, lake turning gray… who would possibly want to go out on the lake?  Answer, a certain breed of ice fishermen that love icefishing so much that they take their life in their hands, put on a life vest, spikes on their feet to negotiate the ice and find the […]

I stopped out to the Cikowski Fishing Jamboree I had to deliver a pizza on ice.  Apparently Jimmy’s dad ate his Hilltop pizza last fall and Jimmy was distraught with months ahead with no pizza from Hilltop.  Al feeling guilty of is pilfering of Jimmy’s pizza had this special pizza delivered by Mary Ellen and […]


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Ruby has to be one of my favorite dogs to photograph.  She has personality coming out of her ears.  Her owners Ben and Deb think that her ears might be the trick to pick up the wireless internet into Muskie Inn.  Their friend Mike is convinced that when Ruby sits in his lap and is […]

Amanda Hixson arrived at the resort with her boyfriend Chris for a weekend of snowmobiling with friends.  I am not sure we converted her over to loving a Northwoods winter as much as she enjoys sitting by the lake in the summer, but everyone had a good time.  For the record nobody slept in Tom […]

This has got to be the funniest icefishing shack I have seen in awhile.  It is parked on Lake Minocqua in front of SaveMore this week I am wondering if they also have a potty as an amenity in the shack.  This guy sure looks like he is looking for one.  Who was the guy […]