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Today is March 1st and that means one thing….. Cliff has come out of the basement for Ice Out 2013.  Out of the closet… out of the basement there is a joke in there somewhere but it is not coming to me Cliff has taken up his post about 100 feet from shore of Lower […]

March is here and our old buddy Cliff decided it was time to peak out of the basement and see if it was warm enough to come out.  After last weeks storm he was in no hurry to get out of the basement (and Jenny spent 3 days at a Muskie Expo show this weekend […]

It was time to hand out the Ice Out Contest cash to the big winner Mike Grady who was staying in Eagles Nest this weekend.  Cliff stopped in, to peep in Mike and Ruth’s windows and scare them but they were not around.  Without a pen and paper to write a note, what better way […]

Our Ice out 2011 winner is Mike Grady who picked today April 19th as his day for Cliff to plunge into Lower Kaubashine.  Mike was a 2nd place winner a few years ago getting his 5 dollar coupon to Hilltop Bar in a previous contest.  Congrats to Mike and also to Ruth where ever she […]

I noticed a strange amount of smoke coming from Birchwood..  I have given the guys a green light to start working on their remodeling project and then I see smoke coming from the chimney….  I was almost afraid to step in the cabin to see what they were up to Before stepping in the cabin […]

Yep we got a little bit of snow yesterday and getting a little bit more today.  It should be enough to get the Lakeland Loppet race off at Winter Park this weekend Who signed me up for this contest? Cliff looking relaxed and ready to take on whatever March throws at him.  Even took off […]

Ice Out 2011 is here.  Cliff has returned to the ice.  Once again guesses must be in my mail box by March 14th with 5 dollars.  Guess the correct day that Cliff will sink in the depths of Lower Kaubashine.  Half of the pot will go to the winner or winners to split and the […]


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Ruby has to be one of my favorite dogs to photograph.  She has personality coming out of her ears.  Her owners Ben and Deb think that her ears might be the trick to pick up the wireless internet into Muskie Inn.  Their friend Mike is convinced that when Ruby sits in his lap and is […]