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Clear night and temps dipped enough to freeze the lake over last night Couldn’t resist to chop some of the ice and see how thick it had become You need at the least 3 inches I have heard to walk on.  I feel much better when there is a full foot of ice on the […]

Headed down to the lake this morning to see if it froze over.  I saw that a rabbit had beat me to the lake down the steps Icebergs were spread all over the lake.  It will not be long before it is all the way across

One sign of Christmas is Steve is in high production with his wreath making business.  If you are in the Northwoods stop in he is the best deal with the nicest wreaths in the Minocqua area.  He makes a few ahead but appreciates a call if  you  know how many and the size you want […]

Ice in the bay this morning as temps dipped into the lower 20’s last night.  Winter is knocking on the door Experimenting taking pictures of the frost on the road side this morning.