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Sunrise this morning at -20 with a -30 windchill.  Did the schools call off…. nope, it is only a half day and they all stayed on in our area.  I have folks going out for their first time snowmobiling today.  What a day to pick to be your first time.  Thankfully there are all sorts […]

Snowmobile entrance to the lake.  Snow compacted down the ice and it is the only spot to get on the lake.  Why go out on Lower Kaubashine….  To deliver a snack to ice fishermen Safe Ice?  They told me it was safe….. and then asked for Sprite and Pretzels for a snack, could I bring […]

Had a group of guys up fishing this weekend who listened to my advice on their 2nd day and headed over to where Grandpa Gibson was fishing.  They did not start until 11 am and slow and steady all afternoon had the crappies coming through.  The top 2 crappies were about 13 or so inches […]

Clear night and temps dipped enough to freeze the lake over last night Couldn’t resist to chop some of the ice and see how thick it had become You need at the least 3 inches I have heard to walk on.  I feel much better when there is a full foot of ice on the […]