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We had two huge loads of wood delivered to the resort from a local logger.  This logger used a double section truck dropping 14 cords of wood in front of the shed.  Question is can we get the big truck and trailer out of the driveway? Analyzing the corners of the driveway to judge if […]

It was a warm beautiful late summer afternoon with folks out enjoying the lake Time to see if the retreiver in Mac likes water.  He is definitely not a jump in the water dog like Poe.  He slowly wades in with encouragement.  The final step off is scary and he balks at it Ok, not […]

I caught the Johnson family having fun down at the lake this morning.  After the rain of the last few days everyone was ready to hit the lake for some fun in the sun Kids trying to keep up with the paddleboat but Grandma had the lead in the row boat and was not giving […]

Been a busy few days getting the resort ready no time for pictures or typing.  So enjoy these quick pics I took this morning of a quiet morning on Lower Kaubashine Good news, we were not sure if the big pontoon was going to have a motor this summer.  Our motor gave out and a […]

I was told come down to the lake and bring the camera, there is a chance someone will fall in or other blogable fodder.  I think this pic speaks for itself.  What is Steve up to? When you don’t want to carry something and water is between you and its destination, best to use the […]

What a differnece 24 hours makes, this is the same picture that started yesterday’s blog in the snow.  Snow is basically all gone, I have taken the cover off some of the flowers, not all as we are going down to 29 tonight and snow is still expected again Monday night and Tuesday.  That had […]