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Eight dove in the water for the “Big Swim” across the lake.  There were 5 first timers.  Most afternoons in the summer you will see heads bobbing across the lake for anyone brave enough to do the “Big Swim” The trusty boat spotters staying close to the swimmers in case anyone needed to jump on […]

The Eastern end of the Black Family arrived to enjoy a week in the Northwoods.  Dave and Bonnie spent the week introducing Ellanora to all sorts of new sights in the woods.  They took a trip to The St Germain Flea Market on Monday returning with some yard art that will be turning heads in […]

Yep it snowed last night…. I love the 4 seasons and the beauty of all 4 seasons.  Mixing the beauty of the previous season with the current season though is not my favorite…. but I tried to find the beauty in the day…. Trees bent from the weight of the wet snow.  I am surprised […]