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  After a long few weeks of getting the resort ready we were tired on Friday and Katie stopped by catching us relaxing.  She made some comment about when she was a kid there was no standing around……   It was time to go down the road to Hilltop for the first Kaubashine Cooler of […]

The leaves in the area are just starting to pop out.  The vivid green of new leaves is a color that is hard to capture but easy to remember I took all of these tree pics down where the road meets the water.  The first picture was taken looking over at Blackwood, Craig 2bdr rental […]

This blog is about what is going on at the resort, and a the moment a large frozen chunk of water is what is keeping everyone entertained so you get one more day of pictures of skating across the lake.  This time the wind was whipping the snow across the lake.  Snow berms were starting […]

Sunset on a snowy icy Lower Kaubashine With the cold hitting, it has been time to work inside on the cabins and do a little shopping.  Ugly lamps or lamp shades have been on the top of the list of things worked on this year.  I found these neat Lake Superior Rock and driftwood lamps […]

Came down to the lake this morning to find it frozen over for the first time Stepping out on the raft sent waves through the ice.  Insert the sounds of groaning and cracking at this point For now without snow it is a clear view through the ice at the shallows

The Heiniken guys were here this weekend led by Phil Z, they headed out fishing with Barry Klatt from BK Guide Service who lives on Lower Kaubashine and has fished it his entire life.  They boated 3 really nice muskies this week with the above one being the biggest at 48 inches.  I believe I […]

With rain in the forecast the next couple of days, the guys thought it was time to take out a few extra boats and save on bailing.  Steve was corralling a flotilla to head down to Hilltop to be taken out Heading out How do you pull into Hilltop’s docks with this many boats in […]

4th of July week means one thing, time for the 4th of July horseshoe tournament.  Mr Tungett orgainzes it every year on his manila paper and we all show up in the correct spot Families gather, the younger end of the Tungett family Linda, Dave and Eleanore Some grab a beer Some grab a label […]

As I have said in other blog entries it is time to go fishin! I had this crappie picture shared with me from Mike Grady our famous 2011 Ice Out winner.  He caught his biggest crappie above.  Nice fish Mike!  Missing picture is Ruth balancing the net and the camera at the same time.  Thanks […]

Crappies are biting.  The big ones are coming in to spawn and it is time for some fishin fun Crappies just kept coming up the hill with everyone.  These were headed right to a fry pan in Shamrock Some were just arriving.  The Spencer family brings this old Sea King motor that dates back to […]